Headshot Success!

Headshot Success!

Last Friday @ Kat Studios The Term Three Intermediate Performers had an opportunity to showcase their acting chops on camera, while participating in a photoshoot! This particular photo shoot was apart of a project for their final term 3 showcase performance later on in June this year. “What is a Headshot? “Why do we use them as actors and as performers”? Some of the many questions that were asked within the intermediate group, weeks prior. To answer those particular questions above, Headshots are the best and most professional representation of you or (a)talent in an audition room or panel. Headshots are taken of a talents face, from the shoulders up and the best chosen photo is displayed on a 8 by 10 piece of strong photo paper with actors full name in attractive font underneath. An actors resume is typically attached to the back of the talents photo. Head shots in a nut shell, are your best first impression in an audition room , especially when your not there.

Each Kat Studios student exuded, confidence and grace while posing for the camera. Kat Studios is so proud of this accomplishment!

Kat Studios would like to thank Photography By Amanda Lucchese for her outstanding camera skills and capturing the uniqueness and spark of every single actor in the shoot. Thank you again for coaching this extraordinary group of young performers.

your truly,


Kat Studios Artistic Director.

Kat Studios Term Three Intermediates 2019
Left to Right; Top Row;
Sasha, Gemma, Kaylin, Angelica
Left to right Bottom Row;
Hailey, Isla and Nadia.

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