Kat Studios “OPEN CALL” Original Musical Production Performance 2019 Success!

Kat Studios “OPEN CALL” Original Musical Production Performance 2019 Success!


Last Friday Night at 7:00pm the Kat Studios Term 3 Intermediate Performers took the stage. What Started off with nerves soon became excitement as the audience members took their seats and actors began to take their opening show positions. Each and every performer on the stage showcased pure heart and passion as they danced, sang and acted their way through the show. With memorable performance numbers from Mamma Mia and Grease. Monologues, vocal solos and group numbers. Kat Studios Triple Threats didn’t disappoint. The feedback from each audience member was nothing short of amazing. The performance ended off with what the students call the “Kat Studios” dance compilation which was lead by Kat, the director and founder of Kat Studios, centre stage with her Performance family around her. “This was a very memorable performance night and I feel so honoured to be here”, Kat exclaimed after the awards ceremony. Each Student was presented with a Kat Studios Certificate of excellence in musical theatre Stage Performance. Disciplines; 1,2&3 (Acting, Singing and Dancing). “These Students are the heart and soul of Kat Studios”. It was a memorable performance night for many as after the show the audience enjoyed good conversation, fresh lemonade and white chocolate covered pretzels. This Performance marks Kat Studios one Year Anniversary of Business. Kat is so thankful and proud of her students and is very much looking forward to continuing watching her Business grow.

Note From Director;

I encourage you to continue to push the passion, move hearts and do what you love. I’m so very proud of each and every one of you. The Biggest Congratulations!- Kat

Kat Studios Term 3 Intermediates 2019


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