Triple Threat Program 2024

 Do you want to know what it takes to become a Triple Threat? We call on all levels of curious performers to be apart of our performance family at Kat Studios. This unique one of a kind, Triple Threat program is surely to check off every box, when it comes to building your child up to becoming a well rounded confident performer. Young Performers are professionally trained in all three disciplines. Singing, Dancing and Acting.

Kat Studios Triple Threat Students will gain experience performing in front of an audience. Students will be professionally trained and guided in development of stage presence, proper posture and Voice training. This includes: Understanding and implementation of Professional Vocal warmups, voice control, stamina, proper pitch, harmonization, breathing and placement.

Students will learn about Character development , The Method Acting technique along with Stanislavski and Chekov influences while harnessing overall CONVICTION on stage.

Students will gain foundational and transferable skills such as, Confidence, Imagination, exploration, teamwork, trust, improvisation, storytelling, play writing , directing, choreographing,  freedom of thought and expression, speech training, numerous forms of dance and movement including, (Ballet, Hip hop, Tap, Theatre Jazz, ballroom, musical theatre) Stage combat, Ear training, and sight reading of music.

Most importantly each student will be able to showcase their skills at an End Of Term performance! At the End of Each Term ( 13 weeks) students will showcase what they’ve learned through a private performance with family, friends and supporters from the community. All performances are Photographed and Video-graphed. Note *All Photos and Videos are viewable,  accessible and free of charge for Performers families and friends to enjoy.( Prices for images and video coverage are included in Registration fees) This program will give your star a taste of what it’s like to be a professional stage performer in a fun, safe and creative environment.


NOTE: All program time slots this 2024 season, run on a Weekday 

Fall Term 2024: Sept- Dec  (13 weeks) CLOSED 

Winter Term 2024 : Jan-March   (13 weeks) CLOSED

Spring Term 2024 April – June (13 weeks) IN SESSION ( Not Accepting any further Registrations)

Official Term 3 Show Date: June 22nd 2024 Times TBD. 

NOTE: Due to the nature of our Triple Threat Program ALL class sizes are limited to 15 students per class.Payment plans available upon request.


*Fill out our easy Registration form online under our Registration menu on our website. Quick link here (

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  Fill out all the information including your young performers specified level of Program( Ex: Triple Threat Musical Theatre Intermediate Term 1,2&3) and await Kat Studios Confirmation email to reserve your childs spot!

Once registration forms have been emailed and confirmed, please continue with our quick, safe and easy payment E transfer option. Please E transfer the specified amount for young performers program to

*If online payment (Paypal) is your preferred option please note there is an additional $10.00 registration fee included in the price. 

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