Things are back to a form of NORMAL at Kat Studios! With the new released information in March from the CDC it is OPTIONAL for mask where at our studio. We are very excited to continue to provide you with the best performance experience your young stars deserve.
We will be fully operating, accepting walk-in inquiries and studio tours as per normal operation.

If you choose to wear a mask or not, please reminded that we at Kat Studios Respect your decision and will try our upmost to make your visit, tour or class comfortable. We are still providing masks just in case! We’ve got your back!

Regulations and procedures that have not changed are as follows;

Hand sanitizer will be provided for all guest upon arrival.

Once registered online for a program we see this as securing your child’s spot for programs. Please do not register unless you are very confident that your young performer is able to make the commitment to attend as there are a max number of students that can register per weekly class and a short waiting list of students that are hoping to register if you can’t.

Cleaning and Sanitizing Studio Space
Please rest assured that Kat Studios will be thoroughly cleaning all surfaces and areas of traffic throughout the studio everyday upon arrival and departure. Before, during and after hour cleanings are of the upmost importance in keeping everyone safe and healthy. In the building Kat Studios will have an assigned bathroom just for students of the program. This protects everyone that uses the building. Kat Studios has assigned a personal cleaning volunteer and program assistant to help transitions within the day and to improve the overall program experience.

All snacks and lunches will be eaten together within the studio space

Most importantly, if you are sick, , please notify Kat to reschedule your visit to the studio.

Kat Studios thanks you for your patience, love and support.

Artistic Director,

Kat Norton