Kat Studios has been an amazing program for our daughter.  She has commented a few times on how she feels she is treated like a professional performer rather than just a kid.  We were looking for a program that taught singing, dancing and acting and have found the complete package with Kat Studios - Triple Threat!!  Kat really cares about her performers.  Outside of the acting, singing and dancing Kat boosts her performers confidence and self-esteem for them to get out on stage and show everyone what they are made of! We’re so happy to be part of the Kat Studios Family.Teresa & Nigel

Teresa & Nigel Parents of Kat Studios Youth Performer May 28, 2019

Our Nadia has been dancing and singing since she was little and always avoided lessons to protect her free time after school! But Kat Studios Triple Threat Program changed all that with a perfect mix of fun and challenge. Thanks to the studio, Nadia's triple threat skills—singing, dancing, acting—are blossoming, and her growing confidence was highlighted in a recent big stage dance solo which she completed with power, poise—and pure fun. Katie is an ideal performance instructor, embodying a perfect balance between personal skill, friendliness, and professionalism. The students take her seriously and look up to her, but also feel cared for and welcome. Thank you, Kat, for encouraging Nadia to be the best she can be!

Sam.T & Magda.Z Parents of Kat Studios Youth performer May 26, 2019

Hi Kat, Its Me Keon! I'm so glad to see that your teaching again! I can't wait to dance K-Pop with you. Cant wait to learn from the best dance teacher!!!!

Keon N Kat Studios Former Dance Student Guelph ON May 16, 2019

Kat is an extremely talented artist, with a big heart. My son and daughter won't stop talking about the lessons learned. I highly recommend Kat Studios. A place where children can grow and develop their own unique talents".

Linda V Parent of Kat Studios youth performers May 16, 2019

We enrolled our daughter in the Triple Threat Summer program at Kat Studios and it was the best choice! Sophie struggles with self confidence and one week with Kat, Sophie was comfortable enough to perform in front of a room full of strangers! Great atmosphere, energy and the kids put on a great show!

Denise G Mother Of Student Enrolled in Kat Studios Triple Threat Summer Program 2019 August 2, 2019